THE HUNT FOR FOOD: Taipa Grocery Style

By Ashley Sutherland-Winch


Some people might call me a "Foodie", there are things that I love and items that I avoid but I love to eat delicious foods and I was excited-nervous about food in Macau.  The hunt for food here is quite different to America.  In Las Vegas, I was near six mega grocery stores, a Whole Foods and Walmart in a three mile radius where I could achieve all of my grocery shopping goals in a matter of minutes.  I expected Macau to be different with stores filled with new and interesting foods but to be honest, those that came before me had fully "westernized" grocery stores in Macau.  The major difference is that you spend a few hours grocery shopping in Taipa because each store carries different items and unfortunately one store does not stock your entire list.  In Taipa, it is quite literally a Hunt for Food.

The days of "I'm just going to run to the store for a few quick items" is gone but in its place is a delicious adventure in locating all of your items in one morning or afternoon.  If you desire Taco Night, you go to Supreme, if you want PG Tips (the only tea for self respecting British people like my husband) you run to Park N Shop, for the best price on blueberries, you go to the stand near Green Cross and so on.  It is always a special feat to achieve your entire list and most of the time you aren't able to find everything but its darn close here in Macau.

So that you too can feel the delicious victory of finding all of your items in one fell swoop, here is a Taipa, Macau Grocery Store guide to help you Padawan:


Macau, Flower City (edf. Lei Tou), R. de Évora, Macau

The "Go To" for Expats and Macanese in Taipa for the 75% chance to find the item you really need is the local Park N Shop located adjacent to Flower City.  This store is a must for American/ British/ Chinese cuisines and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese or $12 USD or $96 MOP free range New Zealand eggs.  Visit Sonny, the amazing butcher (more on Sonny in my next post) who will help you select the perfect and freshest meat from Australia and beyond.  If you want a perfect steak, this is your first visit.  Grab your PG Tips, American cleaning supplies (organic Fruit and Veggie wash), American milk, Honey Nut Cherios, etc.  It is rare to miss anything on your list at Park N Shop but here's the thing, the prices are intense at this store because it has most of everything you need.


Down the street from Park N Shop Edf. Lei Tou

Your next stop after Park N Shop is usually San Miu or for most non expats in Macau, this is your first stop.  Prices are much more reasonable at this store because you find more local food and less "expat food".  This store has a fabulous adult beverage section with great prices on wine and liquor and the cheapest Tsing Tao on the block.  If you are not picky on your brands and can read Chinese, San Miu is a great stop for you!  On a side note, the Kodak store is located inside the San Miu shopping center which is helpful to know because they take and print passport and visa photos in house.


Rua de Évora 427, Macau

Supreme quite literally has a wall of Mexican Food!  Taco Night, Burrito Night, Nachos, it's all here.  When you desire really great cheeses, champagne, and your weekly or monthly fix of Old El Paso salsa and taco packs, Supreme is a great store for you.  This grocery store also carries a wide variety of pasta and sauces for Italian cooking and everything you need for a British Sunday Roast dinner.  Love Supreme for the unique items but for a large diverse shopping trip, it may not be the best for you.  Just think of Supreme when you are ready for a special meal.


Av. Dr Sun Yat Sen

Personally, I love shopping at Seng Cheong the most.  Everyone is super friendly and helpful and this store delivers your groceries to your home for free!  Other stores deliver like Park N Shop and San Miu but I have discovered that I receive the most efficient and polite service from Seng Cheong.  This store carries American food, British food, Thai food, really everything but this is the store for you if you want reasonable prices, great selection, delicious and inexpensive Portuguese wine but are not picky about specific brands.  Seng Cheong carries a wide variety of baking items and a fabulous selection of sauces and event relish.  Two thumbs up for Seng Cheong!


Near CTM in Taipa

The Sam's Club of Macau is Mama Care.  Large bulk items from America can be found in this store like big cans of peanuts, chips, party food and more.  Mama Care is a discount store if you have a club card but in order to receive the lower price, you must spend $300 USD in about three months to apply and the card may take several weeks to arrive but it is worth it if you need to buy in bulk.  You can also find fruits and veggies, cleaning supplies, drinks, meat and cheeses here but the selections can be limited.  Think of Mama Care for big parties and kid treats and really delicious salmon.


Rua de Bragança 355, Macau

The Royal in Taipa is not as grand and diverse as the store on the Macau side of town but it is a great starting point.  For a non specific list, think about Royal or stop in after you have visited the Electronics department of the store for yet another dehumidifier, heater or new television. I like to go upstairs at Royal to stock up on shampoo, lotion, kitchen items or toilet paper because they have great prices and a lot of variety.


If you enjoy Japanese cuisine, Grand Mart is a great store for you!  They have a wide variety of products to tempt your Japanese pallete and a decent selection of grocery items. Grand Mart has also, on occasion, carried items from the beloved Trader Joe's in America but this is not a consistent thing.  It is a special surprise like finding Nut Thins and Wheat Thins on the shelf.  If you ever told me that I would be really excited to buy a box of Wheat Thins, I would not have believed you but now I live in Macau.


Address: 提督馬路143號南益工業大廈地下B

Welcome to CCK Frozen Food or "The Frozen Food Store" as it is affectionately referred to in Taipa, Macau.  We live on an island and so most if not all of our food is imported and the frozen food market is booming.  Anyone in Taipa will tell you that if you want a delicious Pork Tenderloin or really great organic chicken breasts, CCK Frozen Food is your best bet.  A small shop in Taipa filled with frozen goodness, CCK Frozen Food will fill your freezer with burgers, pork loin, mussels, chicken and more!

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