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By Ashley Sutherland-WInch

​April 17, 2016

Apple and Google Maps are the glue that holds this American in Macau together when I find myself outside of the walls of my Coloane, Macau apartment. It is a little tricky here in Macau because neither Apple Maps aka Siri or Google Maps are complete when I am searching addresses in Macau. Because Macau map systems are a mix of addresses written in Portuguese or Cantonese, searching a business name and actually having a successful answer appear on a map application is truly a momentous occasion. Of course, finding your Macau destination on the map app is only half the battle, you still have to physically navigate to the actual address.

In Macau residents have their own style of giving directions. Gone are the days of referring to street names and numbers; instead, the general practice is to say this: “Go straight until you see the roasted duck and pig stand, then take a left at the McDonald’s, then take the road towards CTM and if you get to Altera, you have gone too far.” It is really challenging to navigate Macau.

I wonder if Google, Yahoo, Bing, Apple could launch a campaign encouraging businesses to register their names and addresses with these popular mapping software companies. Businesses could then become even more savvy and register their business, restaurant or landmark in Cantonese, Portuguese and English. We could truly then have the most easy to navigate city in the world.

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